Meet Anson Seabra, the Artist Turning TikTok and Fairy Tales Into a Breakout Moment

Anson Seabra is the latest pop prince to garner a significant following thanks to Gen-Z juggernaut TikTok. With a background in computer science and app development, it's no wonder he took so naturally to the platform in its early days. Initially, Seabra was using the app to make lighthearted videos, but as he started to introduce his original tracks to the app he realized the incredible power that TikTok holds for creators.

In a video titled "why tik tok runs the music industry," Seabra explained how one of his songs went from 20k streams per day on Spotify to 240k streams per day after trending on the micro-video sharing platform. He closed the video with an astounded "Bruh, this app is too powerful, dog!"


why tik tok runs the music industry

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In each of his songs, Seabra melds soft, sweet melodies with powerful yet controlled vocals, birthing a sound that we can only describe as the lovechild of Ruth B's "Lost Boy" and Lewis Capaldi's voice. The dreamy tracks feature lyrics inspired by folk stories, including Robin Hood and Alice in Wonderland. His signature sound is exactly something you might expect to score one of these fairytale films. Perhaps this is Seabra's ultimate goal, per his Tweet, "one day they will pick me to do the trolls movie soundtrack."

So far on Spotify, "Robin Hood" has peaked as Seabra's top track with over 32 million streams and counting. The song is about feeling used in a relationship and realizing that you deserve better. Seabra croons over his lost love, "Could have been my happy ever after / Living like we’re in a fairy tale / But you and me were more like a disaster / I should have known." He likens the relationship to the story of Robin Hood, whereby his ex stole all of his best parts only to give them to someone else when they were finished.

Rooted in another fairytale landscape, "Welcome to Wonderland" is another Seabra's standout track. The lyrics dance around the wonder of Alice's journey down the rabbit hole and playing with her companions, the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat, in a solemnly juxtaposed minor key. "Welcome to Wonderland" is on a promising trajectory across the Internet, from being featured on the explore page of TikTok, reaching the top spot in the singer/songwriter genre on iTunes, to garnering over 21 million streams on Spotify to date. 

As Seabra continues to tease new music, including the recently released "Emerald Eyes," we will eagerly be awaiting a full-length project and that DreamWorks collaboration.