merci, mercy Holds Nothing Back in Her Debut Single “Fucked Myself Up”

If you love being the first to listen to new artists before they blow up, you need to check out merci, mercy, a veritable pop princess in the making. Born Mercedes Thorne, merci, mercy is a nineteen-year-old Aussie whose debut track "Fucked Myself Up" has undeniably set her on a track for success.

Released in conjunction with a spirited animated lyric video (don't play this one at grandma's house though) "Fucked Myself Up" arrives as an iridescent first look at the rising Aussie artist. Backed by instantly infectious production, merci, mercy confesses, "Fucked myself up on purpose / Cos too much is never enough / What is it you want from me? / This shit don't come so easily." merci, mercy spoke further on her debut single, sharing

"'Fucked Myself Up' is about dependence on alcohol, it gave me the confidence to be able to talk to people. I was getting fucked up on purpose in order to allow myself to be around people I didn’t know. My goal is to make music that talks openly about mental health, so it’s as normal as talking about what you’re eating for dinner. 'Fucked Myself Up' is me saying yes, I have a problem but I’m doing my best, so leave me alone.“

In her debut outing, merci, mercy pairs confessional lyricism with light-as-air production to deliver the rare sort of track that is simultaneously carefree and brimming with notable emotional depth. This is just the start for merci, mercy and a brilliant start at that. 

Listen to "Fucked Myself Up" below: