Miki Ratsula Delivers a Heartfelt Holiday Ode in “Love in the Winter” [Premiere]


Cold, unforgiving air is scathing every surface of uncovered skin, bright twinkling lights are garnishing street lights in shimmering garb, and a faint whiff of peppermint is tickling the nose of a passerby in your local mall. Holiday cheer is amongst us, and as excited as we are to play “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey on a constant loop - and we most definitely will be - we’ve been gifted with an early premiere of a new holiday track that incites that same desire to gather around a fire with loved ones. 

“Love in the Winter” is the gleeful holiday love song by Miki Ratsula that will soon find its way onto that “timeless holiday music” playlist you’ve been recycling every winter. The Finnish-American artist perfectly executed that cinematic, Hallmark-holiday-movie-special feeling, incorporating a cheerful acoustic guitar, a tasteful amount of holiday bells, and mellow vocals that will have you feeling nice and cozy. 

Ratsula is most popularly known for her flawlessly executed covers and mash-ups on YouTube, one of her most popular being her cover of “All I Want” by Kodaline. Despite her start as a YouTube songstress, the Southern California native is breaking past computer screens and is showcasing the true range of her artistry through her original songs. As a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Ratsula notates her partner, Hope, as being a gigantic part of her growth and progression as an artist, as well as her artistic muse. On the visual for “Love in the Winter,” Miki even shared with us:

"For the visual, I wanted to create something that had a warm, nostalgic feel to it. Like when you look back at home videos with loved ones and remember happy times, that's what I wanted this to feel like. My girlfriend Hope and I were in NYC for thanksgiving, and I couldn't think of a better place to experience 'Love In The Winter' than this amazing city with all of the snow and lights and holiday cheer. Since she was the inspiration behind the lyrics of the song, I not only wanted Hope to be an integral part of the video, but I actually had her sing the last line with me. All things considered, this is without a doubt one of my favorite songs I've ever written."

Most of Miki’s music is inspired by not only her love for her partner but also in the hope of providing queer representation in the music industry, both by way of her existence as a queer artist and through her lyricism. “Love in the Winter” is a song infused with love that also inspires and cultivates more of the same feeling during this cold winter season, and Ones to Watch has the pleasure of sharing the love before the song’s official release.

Grab a friend, a lover and cozy up to an exclusive premiere of “Love in the Winter” below: