min.a Creates a Futuristic Atmosphere in “Tape It Back Together”

min.a is constantly able to reinvent herself, both vocally and instrumentally, making her one of the most refreshing newcomers in pop. The Korean-American singer-songwriter and producer continues to make music that pushes the boundaries of pop with glitchy instrumentation and her commanding vocals. 

The most captivating feature of min.a is her ability to convey her feelings in a relatable and concise way. min.a isn't only a talented vocalist,but an extremely talented producer. The often experimental beats compliment the tone and emotion of her vocals so effectively that it becomes clear that both are the result of the same creative mind.

Her previous EPs glitch and Hi-Fi show different sides of the young artist. glitch features more modern electronic production, while the more recent Hi-Fi showcases a more vulnerable side of min.a. She has yet to release a full-length project, but hopefully it is right around the corner.

Fresh off of her sophomore release, Hi-Fi, min.a continues her hot streak with the haunting and hard-hitting "Tape It Back Together." The instrumental of the track pulls you in immediately. The beat is futuristic and ominous, which acts as the perfect parallel to min.a's heartbroken and inconsolable lyrics. The atmosphere created by her production draws you into her heartbreak in such an effective way that you'll truly understand her pain. 

This release is hopefully a preview of what's to come and of the direction min.a will be moving towards in future releases. "Tape It Back Together" is another strong addition to the diverse catalog of emergent pop prodigy min.a. 

Listen to "Tape It Back Together" below: