Virtual Phenom Miquela and R&B Sensation Teyana Taylor Join Forces in “Machine”


'Tis a glorious day in music when one tantalizing R&B songstress joins forces with a cutting edge virtual pop star in the making. Today sees the release of "Machine," a collaboration between digital avatar Miquela Teyana Taylor.  

We are of course familiar with both artists as separate entities. Teyana Taylor being a multifaceted artist, dabbling in songwriting, acting, modeling, and choreography, she approaches her career through a brutally honest, unfiltered lens, making her one of the hottest R&B artists in the game today. While Miquela is dubbed a "robot phenom," changing the course of pop music byway of effervescent electropop numbers and passionate activism - her current focus being the plight of homeless woman throughout her hometown of Los Angeles.  

The story goes that Miquela had been longing to work with Teyana, as she had held a spot on Miquela’s "vision board for a MINUTE.“ The dream became a reality when by chance Teyana was recording in the studio next to Miquela. The result was the creation of "Machine," a sensual, slow-burning R&B ballad, during which Miquela and Teyana's voice fuse in synergetic bliss as they warn that you can have "whatever you want, just don't fall in love."  

Accompanied by an animated lyric video which continues a story set in Miquela’s previous single "Speak Up," the pair morph into cartoon versions of themselves, galavanting through town with lyrics cleverly interlaced throughout. 

A noteworthy release, especially considering Miquela's bubbling career, such a collaboration represents a prominent step for the digital pop star. "Machine" is all the evidence you need to see that her groundbreaking artistry is far more than a random collection of ones and zeroes.    

Listen to "Machine" below: