Mokita Electrifies Heartbreak in “Til I Don’t” [PREMIERE]


Mokita returns with another vibrant electro-pop love song, and we are hooked. "Til I Don't" opens with bright drum beats and entrancing vocals. The chorus is simple and clean layered with bright synths. The track rings with surprising optimism in spite of its heartbreaking inspiration. Mokita shared the story behind his latest single,

"'Til I Don't' is just about not being ready to move on from someone yet. When you go through a break up, you and the other person don't move on at the same rate. The person in this song is simply saying 'I'm not over you, so I'm gonna miss you until I don't anymore.'"

"Til I Don't" is another electric addition to Mokita's zesty repertoire of love songs. The producer writes music that chronicles both the optimistic and tragic aspects of relationships, and his signature style of production illustrates this innate juxtaposition to wondrous effect. Mokita explained how "Til I Don't" fits his characteristic styling, 

"I think ['Til I Don't'] has this kind of playfulness to it in the melody and production, while lyrically it's slightly sad. I think that dichotomy of sad/happy is always something in music that I've been drawn to."


Photo: Nolan Knight

As a child, Mokita was classically trained on the piano and later learned how to play the guitar. Growing up in Nashville, Mokita veered away from the traditional singer-songwriter country sound and dove into teaching himself electronic music production. John-Luke Carter has been releasing expansive electronic-based pop music under the moniker Mokita since 2015.