MorMor Embraces Isolation in the Otherworldly “Outside”


Photo: Micaiah Carter

MorMor is an artist in a class all his own. To classify the Toronto enigma with a simple set of hackneyed buzz words or genre descriptions, would be to do MorMor a grand disservice. For as his latest track so beautifully illustrates, MorMor is an artist who in existing out of simple genre classifications is painting a strikingly human sonic portrait.

"Outside" is a track that showcases MorMor's innate talent for atmosphere. Within the very opening moments of this exceptional track, comparisons to Slowdive's shoegaze masterpiece Souvlaki and Sufjan Steven's universal folk meditations bubble to the surface. It is a just-shy-of-four-minute offering informed by a wealth of diverse sonics, but distinctively MorMor. With his emotionally-charged vocals, MorMor exists as the central figure of "Outside," one who is ensnared by intense feelings of isolation.

"Looking outside/ I'm scared to die/ Despite the moonlight/ It leaves me blind/ How can I find the sun?," ponders MorMor in a song brimming with moments of reflective introspection. And while the character of MorMor in "Outside" is one ensnared by perpetual moonlight, unable to find the sun, there is a certain power in a song that so openly embraces the sentiment of existing as an outsider. MorMor spoke on the new track, sharing,

“‘Outside’ was written at a time when I was quite isolated. I’ve always felt rather alienated, so I wanted to ensnare that feeling and make it my own.”

The heavenly acceptance of isolation also arrives with a surreal video directed by rising British filmmaker Duncan Loudon that creates a perfectly indescribable world for an artist whose music often escapes words and classification.

Watch the video for "Outside" below and catch MorMor as he embarks on a world tour this spring: