mxmtoon and chloe moriondo Join Forces For a Charming Rendition of “1, 2”


Oakland-bred singer-songwriter Maia began making music in 2017 in her parents' guest bedroom, releasing songs on Youtube under the moniker of mxmtoon. In true Hannah Montana fashion, Maia kept her musical double life a secret from her family and high school friends for years. However, as her music garnered increasing critical acclaim and attention, it was only a matter of time until she fully embraced her identity as a rising bedroom pop icon.

Following her 2019 debut album ​the masquerade​, mxmtoon released a sophomore EP in April of 2020 to glowing praise by music publications and fans alike. Titled ​dawn​, the extended play presented listeners with a shimmering, polished take on her classic lovelorn sound.

In lieu of a full ​dawn​ tour, Maia has returned with a collection of reimagined mxmtoon favorites. The handful of remixes includes a reworking of "fever" by Shawn Wasabi and an alternate interpretation of "1, 2," featuring indie pop savant chloe moriondo.

"1, 2" captures the floating feeling of wanting to be immersed in the company of someone new. The Alexander 23-produced remix presents a slightly stripped-down rendition of the original.

Preceded by charming whistle riffs, the first verse sees mxmtoon's vocals shine over a subtle bass and minimal percussion. moriondo's layered vocal harmonies intertwine beautifully with mxmtoon's to fill out the upbeat track. The remixed version adds a grungy guitar riff, taking the song's original glossy pop feel and infusing a tinge of rock.

The remix marks the second collaboration between the two Gen Z budding pop stars, the first being moriondo's 2019 edit of​ the masquerade'​s "high & dry." The two tracks leave fans wondering when mxmtoon and chloe moriondo will officially release a song together.

Listen to dawn (the edits) below: