Myles Lloyd Means Business in Commanding New Single “Down Under”

Photo: John Dagsaan

From Montreal, Canada, Myles Lloyd has built a reputation for releasing standout single after single. His latest tune "Down Under" is a fresh new R&B track, dipped in an intoxicating trap vibe. His clean, Michael Jackson-inspired vocals add a layer of complexity to the stunning melodies with subtle riffs and runs. Touching on his explosion out of his shell and into the light, this single commands a whole new frequency of respect for the Canadian artist.

"Down Under" enters with a dark wash of unnerving, prowling melodies, washed over in Lloyd's divine vocals. The moment the beat kicks in is the very moment you realize how much of a hit this is. It's fluid, catchy, refreshing, and totally exotic. His tasteful placement of the hook makes for the ultimate catchy single. With huge bass lines throbbing throughout the soundscape, this track feels uncompromising and totally fierce in the calmest of ways.

The single itself is a strong message and one that Lloyd has never felt so strongly about until recently. He explains he is ascending from an unexpected place, ready to rise above those who underestimated him, claiming back his power and no longer allowing people to abuse his kindness. He shares, "I had enough of being patient and had to start coming for what is mine."

Listen to "Down Under" below: