Myles Lloyd Faces His Fears in "Running On You"


Canadian R&B artist Myles Lloyd is back with his new single “Running on You.” The track is an R&B paradise, entailing a lyrical story of facing one's fears. Lloyd speaks of feeling exposed in a situation that you're far from comfortable with, as well as delivering a healthy serving of self-introspection amongst the narrative.

The track has a vibrating bass that swims under the fluid guitar, touching on the vocals tenderly while bringing a romantic, vibey feel front and center. The sauntering pace of the track, accompanied by subtle hi-hats and the smooth R&B production creates the perfect bed to rest in, allowing you to bask in the floating, emporium of vocal pockets. The chorus comes in like a huge sweeping wave, crashing down to reveal the Llyod's classic, silky and ultra polished vocals. 

Racking up an impressive amount of attention for his previous releases, Lloyd is an artist to keep an eye out for. With more music slated for the upcoming months, you’re going to want to keep him on your radar.

Listen to "Running On You" below: