Natty Reeves Indulges The Hopeless Romantic In Longing New Single, “November”


Bristol-based crooner Natty Reeves is back and pulling at our heartstrings once again. Having just wrapped a tour with Abhi The Nomad, Reeves is hitting the studio to record his debut album. In the meantime, he's tiding his listeners over with his latest single "November," a pillowy collection of jazz-based indulgence. Outlining a nostalgic longing for better times in a relationship gone sour, Reeves flaunts his lyrical ability and awe-inspiring musicianship. You might remember the 21st night of September, but let us tell you– November is another story.

From the opening notes of "November," Reeves has listeners melting into their seats. Chimes and irresistible background vocals are met with incredibly tender lyrics. He sings,

"Won't you come over? You are the one I need the most. Do you remember the love we had in November?"


Reeves is no stranger to heartbreak, as his song "Good As Gold" also delves into the specifics of a pairing that wasn't meant to last. He explains his thinking behind "November," saying,

“'November' represents a feeling of nostalgia, looking back on the happier times of a now toxic relationship.”

Give Reeves some love on DSPs and look through his other music while you're there. We can't wait to hear what he's currently cooking up in the studio.