Newcomer Delacey Stands By What Is Hers In Spellbinding Debut “My Man”


Photo by Amber Asaly

International Women's Day is all about honoring the beautiful qualities that make women powerful, all around the world. What better way to celebrate female empowerment than with newcomer Delacey and her captivating hook, "Bitch don't steal my man," a sassy plea from her infectious debut single, "My Man."

Delacey, whose real name is Brittany Amaradio, is not only a friendly face to the music scene but a highly skilled songwriter. You might not know her name but you know her songs: Halsey's "Without You," The Chainsmokers' "New York City" and Zara Larsson's "Ruin My Life," to name a few. And now, the songstress is more than ready to step out into the limelight and make her mark as an artist.

"My Man" is a bold yet vulnerable ode to the insecurities women often fall prey to in our continuously evolving society. With social media constantly advertising the glitz and the glamour, we often worry that someone "better" will come and swipe our significant other away, a fear that is the result of our tendency to sometimes paint false illusions on the internet. Delacey captures these worries brilliantly and shows just how fearless and honest women have the power to be, crooning "Bitch don't steal my man/ He's got a weakness for girls like you/ We both know you can/ But I really need him more than you."

Her lyrics evoke relief within us; we are not alone in our thoughts and worries. She sings, "You're a supermodel/ Shaped just like a bottle," later comparing herself, crooning, "Got a mouth just like a trucker/ I can't even be a lady," and we cannot help but praise Delacey. There is the notion that we all have to be supermodels and act like ladies but Delacey paints a different story: it is okay to be rough around the edges, to break the stereotypes around being a woman, and to fight for what is rightfully yours. In this case, her man.

Of the track, the California-native says,

"I really like the balance in this song, how I'm being my feisty Italian self but also building up this other woman by talking about how dope she is. I'm really just an endless bank of crazy things I've gone through, and I feel like I've worked so many emotional rollercoasters into my music. I hope that helps people to connect in a really honest way - and I hope that it makes them a little uncomfortable sometimes too."

Give the song a listen below:

And to all the women out there, keep being the badass ballers that you are!