NIKI Opens the Book on ‘Moonchild’ With “Switchblade”

Photo: Mr. iozo

Indonesian singer, songwriter, and producer Nicole Zefanya, more popularly known as NIKI, has staked her claim on enthralling and transfixing works of pop-R&B magic. It is a unique talent and confidence that makes her not just one of 88rising's most enticing artists but has galvanized a growing number of fans across the world. In her latest single, "Switchblade," NIKI builds on the early promise of singles like "lowkey" and "I Like You" to present her most realized vision to date.

Opening the next chapter for the pop-R&B artist, "Switchblade" sees NIKI at her most adventurous and assured. And there is a reason behind the undeniable energy radiating from her first single of 2020. "Switchblade" is the lead and opening single from her forthcoming debut album, Moonchild, which is set to arrive in the second half of 2020. The debut and concept album will see NIKI exploring the storybook-like world of the titular Moonchild and the parallel universe she inhabits.

As the lead single from her debut concept album, perhaps it comes as little surprise that "Switchblade" opens in fitting grand and ethereal fashion. There is a noted softness to the production, favoring the natural serenity of NIKI's enchanting sonic imagery over the fleeting highs of mass-produced pop. Yet, the infectious bravado that in many ways defined tracks like "lowkey" and "Indigo" remains in the track's closing lines, "Lining's silver, grass is greener, and I'm not afraid / 'Cause I'm running with a switchblade."

"Switchblade" is a pop-R&B fairytale that arrives with an equally mesmerizing video that sees NIKI, as Moonchild, emerging from an iridescent cocoon and traversing a forest brimming with bioluminescent creatures and mythical animals.

Listen to "Switchblade" below: