NJOZMA Is Infatuating and Ethereal in the Soulful “No One Is Spared”


If you haven't already been mesmerized by Njozma's sea-foam hair, misty eyes, and enigmatic name, be prepared for her hypnotic new single to wash over you, envelop you completely, and leave you in a melted puddle of what you once were. Today, the siren and songwriter returns for the first time since releasing her sophomore EP Vacation in November of 2018 with the haunting track "No One Is Spared." 

Though her name hasn't yet reached household status, Njomza's well-roundedness and extensive songwriting experience make her an obvious contender for a spot amongst the greats. Born in Germany to two Albanian parents, Njomza was raised in Chicago, IL, where she got her start performing in talent shows and soon fronted her own band, Scarlett. Moving on from her band in pursuit of a solo career, Njomza started posting covers on her YouTube channel, and it didn't take long for her to catch the eye of Mac Miller, who signed her to his Remember Music label. The two creators became fast friends, leading to a feature on Miller's track "Planet God Damn." 

After Miller's untimely death, Njomza joined Ariana Grande's songwriting team and contributed to her acclaimed 2019 album, thank u, next. In May of this year, Njomza made her festival debut at the famed Governor's Ball music festival in Randall's Island Park, NY. She also performed at L.A. Pride's Fem (me): Fueling the Female Force and The Belonging Table: LA Pride Edition to kick off the Pride season. 

The bilingual, multicultural, genre-bending enchantress has slipped us an instantly addictive treat today with her new single. While her powerful yet enticing vocals hold sweet high notes and execute wild acrobatics, the soulful R&B track seduces and soothes the listener, making for an infatuating and ethereal experience. 

While the song's lyrics convey a longing for something or someone that might never return, Njomza's voice sounds resolved and at peace with the losses she has endured, as well as those yet to come. In the second verse, she coos, "I hope we can let go/ When I die, it’s peaceful/ When I die, let me go." Despite the pain she has endured, Njomza finds comfort in the idea of letting go in peace, asking those around her to keep this peace when the end comes. 

Njomza's combined life experience, songwriting chops, and raw vocal talent mark her as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Before we know it, she'll be on her way to world domination, so don't blink!

Listen to "No One Is Spared" below: