Noé Embraces Self-Deprecating Humor in Playful “Pity Party” Video [PREMIERE]

Noé explored the ends of the world to discover herself as an artist. Growing up between Hong Kong and France, she has obtained extensive knowledge that has contributed to her flawless lyricism. Known for her immensely popular dance collaboration with Mickey Valen, Los Angeles based musician Noé proves her versatility with her newest single "Pity Party."

Drawing inspiration from a range of styles, "Pity Party" is an indie pop anthem for every emotional soul. When asked about the vision behind "Pity Party," Noé shared:

"I think my collaborators Matt Parad and Jason Hahs would agree that I'm dramatic and have a tendency to dwell on my feelings and maybe feel a little too sorry for myself (sometimes). Bad habit that I'm trying to kill - but at least I'm aware of it? I wanted 'Pity Party' to be the embodiment of that. The lyrics are super honest, yet there's a certain self deprecating humor to them and the dramatic 'epic-ness' of the song. And as if I wasn't sensitive enough for two, I always end up dating people just as deep in their feelings and overthoughts as me, so the 'you' is inspired by a few of them."

To accompany the "Pity Party" single, Noé released a conceptual nostalgic music video. The retro visuals blend perfectly with Noé's sweet vocals. Noé recounted,

"When 'Pity Party''s incredible music video director Marcella Cytrynowicz sent me her first treatment, I was immediately won over by her light hearted vision. I felt like it was a much needed contrast to the dramatic nature of the song, which added to the self deprecating and not-taking-myself-too-seriously sentiments. I'm also a sucker for pastel colors, film and destroying things, so she had me at 'baseball bat & piñata.'"

"Pity Party" is the first single off of Noé's debut EP titled i by noé, set to release in the Spring. On her EP, Noé details :

"I don't think it will be easy for people to categorize my upcoming music into one specific genre, and I'm more than ok with that. Every song is as honest as the last one, and that's truly the common thread of this next EP. That and guitar, really, I think I might be obsessed."

2019 is looking bright for this new artist and Noé will be pushing the limits with her boundless music. She will be playing a few showcases in Los Angeles this month. Be sure to catch her performing "Pity Party" live at one of these dates:

Thursday January 24th - The Echo

Thursday January 31st - The Spare Room