Noah Cunane Adds Another Bop To His Catalog With “Call Him”

It seems as if every time we write about Noah Cunane, we're always talking about how he released his hottest track to date. Welp… we're here to say it again. In his latest single, "Call Him", Cunane completely out does himself. Everything from the production to the message is a huge step up from anything he's done so far. 

The message is simple: fight for who you love. The story begins with a guy in love with a girl who's already taken. He expresses his love to this girl and begs for her to leave the guy who doesn't give her what she deserves. Thinking he could bring her the world, he asks her to call him up and leave him.

It's the production that shines most in the song. It begins with an enchanting synth that draws you in right off the bat. Cunane's silky vocals chime in and immediately hook you to the song. But the real winner is when the beat drops and the chorus hits. And when that chorus hits, it hits hard. It's one of those choruses that you can see a festival crowd just go absolutely berzerk to. The lyrics are memorable and will leave you humming the song all day long. The perfect recipe for a classic pop bop. 

Noah Cunane is quickly becoming a name to remember. With pop hit after pop hit, this young artist is on his way to ultimate stardom. Everything from his vocals to his aesthetic, he has what it takes to make it.