Oliver Malcolm Reflects on the Dark Side of Fame With “Outside”


Photo: Kay Ibrahim

At just 20-years-old, Scandinavian producer Oliver Bergqvist has already worked with music giants like Joey Bada$$, MF Doom, and Tinashe. Now, the newly-signed Darkroom Records (Billie Eilish, Jacob Banks) artist is embarking on a solo career of his own. Under the name Oliver Malcolm, Bergqvist has already released a handful of singles under the Interscope imprint. Following standout singles "Switched Up" and "Kevin," Malcolm is back with a new offering, "Outside."

Compared to his busier, more upbeat tracks, "Outside" is rather stripped-down. Over the calming acoustic guitar, Malcolm sings, "It may seem cool from the outside / but trust me you don't want this life." With a melancholy lilt, he confesses the pitfalls of success to those on the outside looking in.

Having penned the song after watching countless documentaries about fatally-flawed rockstars, Malcolm decided to explore fame from the perspective of these artists. Speaking to DIY Magazine on "Outside," he says, "The roller coaster lifestyle of these rock stars - ups and downs, triumphs and losses, which everyone experiences in life. This constant battle between good and evil no matter how small or large it may be." Malcolm continues, "Of course this is just one aspect of life but nevertheless I feel that it touches on many different themes and presents interesting questions that we must ask ourselves from time to time."

The accompanying music video is a sepia-toned nostalgic daydream, featuring Malcolm as he wanders tunnels and empty fields by himself. The solitary nature of the video serves as a visualizer to the loneliness of stardom.

Listen to "Outside" below: