Oliver Tree Has a Chainsaw and Does Not Give a “Fuck”

From the bowl cut to his prolific professional razor scooting career, everything about Oliver Tree reads out like an in-joke you never quite got the memo for. Yet, the living meme, viral sensation, and one-of-a-kind electronic artist is arguably creating the most authentic music out there.

"Fuck," the latest soon-to-be viral hit from Tree, is a prime example of why the Los Angeles - based artist is in a class all his own. To put it simply, in both his viral videos and music, Tree aptly enough never seems to give a fuck. This is not to say that he is haphazardly putting out music with reckless abandon. As a matter of fact, a sense of surreal spectacle is at the core of Tree and his peculiar artistic expression, whether it be crucifying himself on a colossal razor scooter in the video for "Hurt" or casually swinging around a chainsaw in the accompanying video for his new single "Fuck."

What we do mean when we say Tree does not give a fuck, is that joke or not, it does matter to Tree. He is fully committed to delivering the ludicrous, perfectly indescribable world of Oliver Tree to the masses with a barrage of electrifying, carnal production and transfixing visual displays (a vision which will be fully realized on his highly anticipated debut album UGLY IS BEAUTIFUL). This is the beginning of an icon the likes of which the world has never seen before, and the only thing you need to do is sit back and watch Tree do his thing.

Watch the video for "Fuck" below: