Opera, Screamo, Rap, Rock - Have it All With Jasiah

Photo: @gepsphotos

Jasiah is a rising enigma in the rap community. The guy not only spits bars, but he also sings opera, has sampled SpongeBob, and is part of a group of screamo trap artists, drawing comparison to XXXTentacion. Fresh off the heels of a North American tour with $not, Jasiah's transition from underground to mainstream is likely nearing completion.

Jasiah as a person is still fairly unknown, with few online results for a search of his name, the majority linking to his music. This is just the way he likes it though, expressing in a Facetime interview with Kids Take Over that he likes "making the music speak for itself." After several years of generating SoundCloud buzz under numerous monikers, Jasiah's music is finally doing just that. With his first full-length album, Jasiah I Am, the 23 year-old Ohio native showcased his musical depth across twelve tracks complete with genre-bending beats and high profile features.

The interlude, "Voices," is a somber operatic track which feels a little out of place with the rest of the album, but it is a respectable indicator of Jasiah's will to remain undefined as an artist. After "Voices" the album transitions immediately into "Case 19," an aggressive scream-rap featuring 6ix9ine and a sample of the iconic "dun-dun" from "Law & Order." Next up is "Shenanigans," featuring Yung Bans, which opens with a groovy surf-rock melody that is overtaken by Jasiah's commanding voice, shouting his bars in a surprisingly satisfactory fusion. From there, the album continues to switch up on your ears with more screaming, melodic raps, hard beats, soft guitar, and some very pleasing drum features from Travis Barker.

The same way the album swings moods, Jasiah is capable of instantly turning on different personas in a live performance. In a recent show at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood, he transitioned seamlessly from candle (read: phone) lit soft-boi with "When I'm Gone," to punk rap anti-christ when his friend, collaborator, and fellow mosh-pit-instigator Nascar Aloe joined him onstage for a few songs including a lovely new track called "Fist Fight."

Jasiah's proving to be the next big star to emerge out of the Gen Z music scene & one you should keep your eyes on.