Oslo Ibrahim’s “Baby Don’t Let Me Go” Is the Perfect Summer Song

The term "vibe" is an overly-used descriptor despite its inherent nebulousness. After all, anything and everything can be a vibe; it's a metric that defies classification, instead, relying on the age-old adage of "when you know, you know." All that said, Oslo Ibrahim's latest single is nothing if not a vibe.

"Baby Don't Let Me Go" sees the Indonesian artist delivering his most infectious single to date. Arriving as the first taste of new music since his 2020 debut album, I Only Dance When I'm Sad, Ibrahim wastes absolutely no time in getting us swept up in his bittersweet groove. Opening on a deluge of sun-soaked instrumentation, listening to "Baby Don't Let Me Go" feels like giving yourself over to a tropical escape defined by idyllic sunsets and heartbreak.

At its core, "Baby Don't Let Me Go" straddles the line between hopeless romantic and wistful realist. "Wherever you may go, I don't wanna know / Cause everywhere I go, I know I can't hide / Someday you will find me unintentionally," sings Ibrahim atop a rapturous breakdown that betrays his previously-shared feelings of disappointment and heartache. Rather, "Baby Don't Let Me Go" sees Ibrahim embracing the inherent uncertainty of love, embracing the romantic who believes in chance encounters far beyond their power.

Equal parts euphoric and wistful, "Baby Don't Let Me Go" is the perfect song for the summer. It's the rare sort of song more than possible of doubling as lovelorn mixtape opener and companion through summer's colder, lonelier nights.

Listen to "Baby Don't Let Me Go" below: