Phony Ppl - “Cookie Crumble.” [Live + Interview] | All Eyes On

Our latest "All Eyes On" piece sees our gaze fixated on Phony Ppl and their soulful rendition of "Cookie Crumble." Taken from their critically-acclaimed sophomore album mō'zā-ik, the Brooklyn-based band showed us first-hand why their music has a life of its own. Simultaneously spanning genres and eras of musical traditions, Phony Ppl is simply a band you have to let transport you to another plane of existence.

Phony Ppl's music is a timeless groove imbued with an ineffable warmth. The five piece's distinctive skill for bringing a groove-inducing sound to life is one they have honed over two critically-acclaimed albums and one they continue to explore, for self-discovery is at the core of the Brooklyn band's ethos. It can be heard in their music, which blurs the lines between jam session and meticulously-crafted sonic cornucopia. Indeed, it would be no overstatement to say that with each new release, Phony Ppl is penning a rich, unforgettable story in a post-genre music world.

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