Postcard Boy Explores His Love/Hate Relationship With Art in “Dazed” [Premiere]


Photo: Charlie Alexander

Life is naturally made up of highs and lows, but, arguably, nowhere is this innate duality explore more so than in art. The faulty idea of the pained artist. Seminal masterpieces made from explosions of passion and their ensuing heartbreak. The same holds true in music, where artists routinely let themselves bleed onto the record for the world to peruse, dissect, and ultimately find a sense of unique, shared comfort.

Postcard Boy explores his own tumultuous relationship with art and music in his latest single, "Dazed." Postcard Boy is the project of Garrett Seamans, whose roots lie in film and photography, where, under the alias of phylm, he shot subjects including Gus Dapperton, Emma Chamberlain, and LANY. Wherein phylm sought to capture the world around him, Postcard Boy sees the San Diego native turning his lens inward.

The lead single from Postcard Boy's forthcoming EP, Limbo, "Dazed" is a largely introspective affair. Against an array of modulated, layered vocals and melancholic acoustic guitar chord progressions, we bear witness to the San Diego native battling with his love/hate relationship with music and art. It is a swell of emotional turmoil that is difficult not to immediately get swept up in, in part thanks to its dreamlike soundscape.

From Postcard Boy's Ryan Beatty-evoking vocal register to the sudden explosion of a growling electric guitar, which appears to exist just beyond the haze, "Dazed" moves forward at its own pace. It urges you to fall in step with its sauntering self-analysis and euphoric vulnerability. Postcard Boy spoke further on the underlying inspiration behind "Dazed," sharing,

“I had just come off the release of my Scrapbook EP and was having lots of highs and lows associated with music. I decided to write this song about my love/hate relationships with art itself. Though sometimes it brings out the worst in me, it keeps me coming back and sometimes art the only thing in the world that can bring me joy. This slowly expanded into me realizing how many relationships in my life possess this duality, even the best of them. Now, I have a full track dedicated to this realization.”

"Dazed" is sudden clarity given transfixing sonic form.

Listen to "Dazed" and check out its accompanying music video below: