Psychedelic Surf-Rock Might Become Your Favorite Genre with Ocean Alley’s “Stained Glass”


Ocean Alley is a psychedelic-surf-rock six-piece hailing from the coastal suburbs of Sydney. The six band members, Baden Donegal (vocals), Angus Goodwin (guitar), Nic Blom (bass), Lach Galbraith (keys/vocals), Mitch Galbraith (guitar) and Tom O'Brien (drums), started jamming out together in a backyard shed circa 2011. Since then, Ocean Alley has headlined shows in Australia and abroad, and released two EPs and two full length albums. Today the band dropped "Stained Glass," their first release since their Chiaroscuro album.

"Stained Glass" is a fusion of reggae and indie-rock, and as soon as the track beings it transports listeners to a dreamy white sand beach. The bluesy beats and Donegal's moody vocals are like waves rolling onto the shore– extremely relaxing and something you crave to listen to for hours. 

Ocean Alley explained the song's creation,

"'Stained Glass' is the first song we have written since the release of 'Chiaroscuro' and began, as most of our songs do, with a chord and vocal idea for a verse that Baden envisioned. We recorded and mixed the track with our producer Callum Howell at The Grove Studios over two sessions with a focus on guitar tone and interwoven guitar parts - as has always been a staple in our production. In the early writing stages we realized it was a great platform to explore guitar production in its entirety and with the help of newly acquired equipment and instruments we were able to create a spacious arrangement using interjecting guitar parts and organ sounds to embellish the rhythmic guitar strumming."

Fresh from touring North America with Tash Sultana this past fall, Ocean Alley is eager to play shows again. Starting today, the band will embark on an Australian and New Zealand tour running until April. Then, the Aussie natives will headline an extensive North American tour early this summer.

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