Quinn XCII Captures the Joy of Childhood Nostalgia in “Two 10s”


A seamless transition from his previous hit single, "Stacy," Quinn XCII's latest track "Two 10s" is an impeccable follow-up. The two tracks are tied together with a similar nostalgic feel and prominent references to the character "Stacy." An apparent call-out to his wife, Macy, whom he wed this past May, the two singles serve as a reflection of fond childhood memories and growing up.

"Two 10s" is "about asking your parents for $20 as a kid to go hang with friends and feeling like you were rich and could do anything with it." Accompanied by a tongue-in-cheek music video, "Two 10s" feels refreshingly light. While most pop has been trending toward darker, more industrial aesthetics, Quinn XCII's "Two 10s" bravely thumbs its nose, in favor of a much more playful sound.

Rising to musical prominence during his college years at Michigan State University, Quinn XCII released a string of rap mixtapes with help from longtime friend and producer Ayokay. Known first for that addictive frat rap and electronic sound, recent singles, including "Two 10s," show that Quinn XCII is moving closer to the pop space with great success, with his previous single "Stacy" already amassing 10M+ streams.

While the track is certifiably pop, Quinn XCII's background in rap and party culture brings a driving, upbeat sound to "Two 10s." Its most prominent feature, the bouncing bass line, kicks off the track. Without any percussion for most of the first verse, the song is driven by this minimal bass.

As the song grows, it quickly becomes polyrhythmic, with the bass line rubbing against catchy vocal phrasing and percussion. The song never once stagnates or stalls, even while the production remains fairly bare.

The first taste of his upcoming album, Quinn XCII's latest single is a celebration of youth. Due later this year, the album is expected to follow similar themes to "Two 10s" and "Stacy" and continue to push the artist further outside of his usual sound.

Watch the video for "Two 10s" below: