Raegun Releases Her Attention-Grabbing Debut EP ‘Cherry Blossom Blooms’


No one embodies the do-it-yourself mentality more than the multi-talented Raegun. Pulling influences from indie, pop, electronic, and alternative, it's difficult to succinctly define Raegun. What is abundantly clear is her ability to pen an incredibly emotive track that is equally as catchy. 

My introduction to the artist was from her lead single "Talk To Me." The track is  bright and upbeat, but its lyrics contrast this mood as Raegun reflects on a struggling relationship.

Thankfully, "Talk To Me" was quickly followed up by three more tracks, comprising the Cherry Blossom Blooms EP. The opening track "Love Letters" is a personal favorite. The melody on the hook matches the guitar perfectly and Raegun's songwriting is at its best. The tracks "Window Watching" and "Scatterbrained" showcase Raegun's versatility and her effortless ability to write compelling hooks.

In Cherry Blossom Blooms, Raegun is able to fit a wide range of ideas and sounds into a short but sweet runtime. She takes countless creative risks on the project, with all of them seeming to pay off. 

Listen to Cherry Blossom Blooms below: