Raveena’s Mesmerizing ‘Moonstone’ EP Is the Sonification of Nightfall

Whether it is clouds parting after a rainy day, the sun rising after a cold night, or winter leaning into spring, there is something mystic and still about these transitional moments. Radiating an ethereal warmth, Raveena's new EP, Moonstone, echoes the ambiance of these mesmerizing pockets of time, from the major chord played at the top of the first song to its minor iteration played at the end of the EP's final track.

In a recent Instagram post, Raveena explains this particular collection of songs was born the same time as her debut album, Lucid, but felt like its own project. 

The EP, which followed the release of its opening track, "Headaches," upholds Raveena's airy, intimate vocals, and dreamy, honest production. However, instead of undertones of R&B and gentle funk, Moonstone conveys an air of gentle soul with hints of indie pop, reflecting some of Raveena's influences, like Corinne Bailey Rae and Minnie Riperton. With an oceanic guitar tone and drizzly keys, Raveena's music sounds as though she took the leftover dew from a flower at daybreak and draped it over her instruments.

It is as if the EP begins at the peak of dawn and resolves at moonrise. The last song, "Starflower," is a gorgeous acoustic lullaby that teases us with its simplicity. The perfectly paired progression and vocal melody present a new layer of Raveena's vocal tenderness. According to Raveena, "these are songs to kiss goodnight [to] your loved ones, amongst other things."

Moonstone undoubtedly bares a sense of metamorphosis, with the same transfixing power of a night sky drenched in stars. 

Listen to Moonstone below: