RAYE’s “Please Don’t Touch” Is a Timeless Pop Outing


RAYE has all the makings of an inevitable household name. Making a name for herself with a series of collaborations that spans the likes of David Guetta, Major Lazer, and Jax Jones, the South London R&B artist is without a doubt one of the most sought-out vocalists out there. And while there is no denying the impact of her collaborative efforts, she proves just as much a tour-de-force on her solo outings.

"Please Don't Touch" sees RAYE sending off the year with a nostalgic retro-jam that reaches heavenly heights. Backed by iridescent electro-pop production, the South London R&B artist weaves together a mesmerizing night out accentuated by infatuation and the fears of a budding romance. "The thing about love, it ain’t simple enough / The thing about trust is it takes two of us / So, if I let you in here tonight / Hundred degrees, know you want to," sings RAYE in a moment of shared introspection, which only cut short by a moment of unbridled dance-pop ecstasy.

From RAYE's pristine vocals to the production courtesy of Fraser T. Smith, the vintage pop outing has a timeless affair to it, moving forward with a Great Gatsby - esque level of decadence and grandeur. This is the sort of song perfect to end your year, or better yet, the decade with.

Listen to "Please Don't Touch" below: