Ren Plays Twisted “mind games” in the Form of Pop Perfection


There's something so eerily flawless about Canadian teen pop artist Ren. At only 16-years old, she has mastered the art of expressing her voice through pop perfection, as demonstrated in her sophomore single "mind games." When we were that age, we were most likely sitting in our rooms, dreaming about our crushes and not doing anything productive. And yes, this dazzling teenager creates innovative songs analyzing the "mind games" played between two parties in a relationship.

On the inspiration behind "mind games," Ren explained,

"I've always been fascinated by movies from directors like Guillermo Del Toro and Tim Burton. I like the movies made for kids, that aren't just fairytales; they introduce a new emotion to the genre of 'kids movies' that I think is so interesting and intriguing.

I tried to incorporate this creepiness into a love song, so that it's not just a mushy song about love, it's more freaky in how literal it is which was really fun for me to do. Lines like 'little bits of life flood in every time you smile' is my way of painting a picture for a listener and creating this world where I'm really in someone's head."

Just as her favorite directors do, Ren has effortlessly weaved her dark references into "mind games." Drawing musical inspiration from creative powerhouses Clairo and Kehlani, her airy vocals are the perfect means to convey the entertainment she feels from partaking in such games. The whimsical production, which incorporates rich electronic goodness and innovative vocals warps, is seemingly an ode to Tim Burton.

Be sure to experience Ren's twisted little world in "mind games:"