Rence Offers Hope to Struggling Musicians in “Ways To Go” Video [PREMIERE + Q&A]


Rence is a beacon of hope in a very tough industry. He got his start with his 2018 single "Baby Blue," which attracted fans, tastemakers and fellow musicians alike. His sound is refreshing, with crisp drums meeting indulgently effected vocals over a bed of synth. Since the release of his 2018 EP Pink, the singer has released a handful of singles, the most striking of which is titled "Ways To Go." Rence is back with an inspiring music video for the aforementioned song, giving up-and-coming artists hope that pursuing their dreams is anything but a waste of time.

Directed by Joseph Yao, the video references the diner where Rence worked tirelessly while in his pursuit of music. He comments on the making of the video, sharing,

 "Don’t you just wish sometimes you could fly up over all the madness that surrounds you? I fucking do. That’s where the video came from. Seattle remains such a big part of who I am, so getting to “fly” over it and look out at so much of what shaped me was, figuratively, a big part of moving forward. It’s about remembering the hustle and attitude that can get you anywhere, while looking to the future for what it may bring. I want to be grounded and soaring forever."

We caught up with Rence to discuss his new music video, his advice for other artists, and his vision for 2019.

OTW: This song is so relatable to rising artists who have to work a day job. What message would you like other artists to leave with upon watching your video?

Rence: To the artists who have to grind to keep their dreams alive: keep grinding and keep dreaming. Your dreams are worth it. Make a plan and put it into action. For me, that was looking ahead and figuring out what I needed to be able to pursue my dreams full time, putting my head down and making that happen, and then quitting the day job and throwing everything I had into my dreams.

 OTW: What is your must-watch moment in the video?

Rence: The overhead shot that shows me lying back in the car as it cruises past is definitely my favorite.


OTW: The video has some tricks visually! Was the floating your idea to include?

Rence: Actually, our director Joseph Yao came up with the treatment, but it really spoke to me. I've wanted to fly above the skyline I grew up around so many times - up over all the madness and beauty that's below.

OTW: Have you performed the song yet?

Rence: I have not! But I've been rehearsing it and it feels fantastic.

OTW: What does 2019 look like for you?

Rence: 2019 looks like graduating from school, more and more music out, and getting ready for a real run of shows in the fall. Continuing to grow and love the world, giving what I can. More learning.

OTW: Who are your Ones to Watch?

Rence: Reaper, Alexander 23, Duendita, Deb Never, Alex Fike.