Rence Unveils His “Darkside” in Moody New Single


Rence is an artist in every sense of the word, and today he is back and to showcase a previously unseen, darker side of himself. Following his previous hit with Noah Cyrus “Expensive,” Rence has created a moody masterpiece that pushes boundaries on a multitude of genres. 

His newest single “Darkside” moves through hints of pop, alternative, and hip-hop, all while being tied together by his silky smooth vocals. The lyrics tell a story of “a nice guy/ caught in some white lies” that makes you listen, and re-listen to every word. Rence spoke on what inspired the emotive track, sharing, 

“Ive made more music these last few months than I ever have because I want to document this period of my life. ‘Darkside’ is the first new song from these days. ‘Darkside’ is about realizing that the angel on your shoulder and the devil on your shoulder got together…”

Tapping into your dark side and coming to terms with what you may find there is certainly a tricky task. Throughout “Darkside” you can feel Rence struggling with life decisions, “but I was caught in the undertow/ she was on my arm at the after-show/ still I didn’t feel like you had to know.” The honesty is felt Rence, and if this is just the beginning, we’re clinging onto the edge for more.

Listen to “Darkside” below: