renforshort Enlists Travis Barker For the Intoxicating “we’ll make this ok”


Photo: Nathalie Benshmuel

Filed under the ongoing category of "collaborations we never expected yet so desperately needed," renforshort teams up with Travis Barker for the hazy love song "we'll make this ok."

The single beckons the arrival of the Canadian singer's highly anticipated debut album dear amelia, set to release July 8. Accompanied by an entrancing visual dripping of fashion, drums, a crowd of it girls with tattoos, angst, and face pouts, renforshort is making sure she stands out.

Though she's a multi-disciplined artist, mastering guitar, piano, and drums early on in her musical career, enlisting the support of renowned pop-punk drummer Barker was a power move. He takes the track from moody to intoxicating, pairing perfectly with renforshort's sultry vocals.

"we'll make this ok" tells the story of a poisonous love; the addiction to affection from your most beautiful enemy. With lines like "You love the way I break your broken heart" and "We’re just like chloroform / Can’t breathe, can’t sleep but still want more," it's a love that surpasses the logical and you can't help but fall hypnotized, too.

It sets the tone for her upcoming project, promising to explore the crevices of her mental health journey, and she's carefully curated a salivating crowd. Turning 20 just a few days shy of the single's release, renforshort is many steps ahead, calculating her reign in the alt-pop industry before her debut album is even released. Luckily, as the title promises, "we'll make this ok" makes awaiting the mid-summer release pretty ok.

Watch the "we'll make this ok" video below: