Richie Quake Delivers Immaculate Vibes and Indie-Pop Ear Candy on ‘Voyager’


The summer is finally upon us, and what is more necessary for enjoying the season than the cultivation of good vibes? The cultivation of a better weekly rotation, of course, so luckily, this week sees indie-pop icon Richie Quake returning to us with his newest release. 

Voyager is the newest EP from the Brooklyn-based artist, and after the success of his prior singles, "Sensitive" and "Never See You," Quake is back with a tightly-woven six-track project sure to charm even the most hard-headed listeners. Synthesizing funk, synth-pop, and electronic sounds with his signature flair for the experimental, Quake is making sure we start off the summer right.

Voyager is the perfect summertime project, as it sounds like it was literally written to be the soundtrack for your starry-eyed weekend beach bonfires. Quake's seasoned falsetto flows seamlessly between the EP's half dozen tracks, delivering fans something entirely novel, while also appealing to his indie-pop sensibilities and songwriting talents. Tracks like "Waiting For Your Turn To Speak" are decorated with jazzy low-fidelity synthesizers and cleverly written melodies, so much so that to simply describe it as "indie-pop" feels reductive. 

Quake's lofty style comes in droves, from the surfer-rock adjacent "Sensitive" to the downtempo and acoustic "Rush." "Never See You" sounds like a deep cut from an alternate reality where Tame Impala wrote Currents in 1980, but even then Quake still delivers his own spin on things with the track's explosive and abrasive ending. Whether he's delivering some seriously slick basslines on Voyager or flexing his psychedelic alternative rock talents on "Afterglow," it really seems like there's nothing Quake can't do.

Listen to Voyager below: