riela Surges Forward With an Effortless Grace on “if you let me”

Bodies of water always appear to have a singular force, a consistent movement, but rarely is that the case. Spun by the globe, pushed by winds and thermal exchange, they are often a collection of competing interests, serene at one moment, fighting petulantly the next. 

riela, a Miami-born artist of Panamanian and Cuban parents, has a vocal delivery as diverse as the weather, especially on her latest single "if you let me." Switching between English and Spanish, one moment soft and delicate, the next tempestuous and confrontational, a weathering of emotion. The second single from her upcoming EP, llorar y Perrear, riela delivers her second act of a three-part narrative that features the fool, the star, then finally the magician. 

On "if you let me," riela's vocals pluck and strum, perfectly matching the jazzy guitar accompaniment in both restraint and luxuriousness of delivery. riela truly is casting the light of a star, and if you let her, I suspect there is much more magic to come from this arcane talent in the near future.

Listen to "if you let me" below: