Riker and The Beachcombers Escape to Sea in “She Just Wants to Be Famous” Video [Premiere]


Photo: Gordy De St. Jeor

If you are a massive fan of The Driver Era, then do we have a special treat for you! The multi-talented Riker Lynch, older brother to Rocky and Ross Lynch, has a musical project all his own that you just need to hear. Riker and The Beachcombers are more than worthy of your playlist-on-repeat consideration. Though the band has only two singles to their name to date, "She Just Wants to Be Famous" is everything we needed and more.

On his new passion project, Riker Lynch shared,

"The Beachcombers is my passion music project. It's everything I love, tropical islands, the beach, good vibes, fun music, rum, tequila, pretty much anything island-like and summery. I want people to feel like they're on vacation and they just happen to get a concert while they're there."

A lighthearted tune for a breezy day, "She Just Wants to Be Famous" is good vibes all around, as Lynch introduces a new wave of tropIcal-rock to the scene. "She Just Wants to Be Famous" incorporates cheerful acoustics and optimistic vocals that have us cheesin' for days. Lyrically, "She Just Wants to Be Famous" describes the triviality of the Los Angeles lifestyle, instead finding favor in time spent chilling with his closest friends.

On "She Just Wants to Be Famous," Lynch exclusively shared with us,

"For the music video, I worked with my cousin Gordy again. We wanted to capture the laidback, chill vibe of the song and we also wanted to have this story line that is somewhat open to interpretation. But for me, it's this guy that wakes up on his sailboat after a late night out and as he reflects about the night's adventures, he's sort of laughing about the ridiculousness that is a 'night out' in LA. It's a fun thing to do with good people every now and then, but the character realizes that he'd much more enjoy a day on the boat with his best friends."

The refreshing "She Just Wants to Be Famous" music video features a stunning ocean view atop a lively boat filled with Lynch's dear friends, including a cameo from his sister, Rydel. What was most important for the co-directors, Lynch and Gordy De St. Jeor, is that viewers watch the carefree visual with ease and grasp the relaxed tone they attempt to showcase. After watching just once, we suddenly feel the urge to rent a sailboat and have a seaside party with our Ones To Watch friends.

Take your first look at the heartwarming visual for "She Just Wants to Be Famous" below: