RMR’s “Rascal” Is a Transfixing Country Trap Ballad That I’ll Play at My Wedding


After Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" took the Internet by storm last year, the lines between country and hip-hop blurred like never before. And with the release of RMR's debut single and video, the two genres become nigh indistinguishable.

While "Old Town Road" popularized the country trap genre and sparked debate as to what exactly constitutes a country song, RMR's "Rascal" is a country song at its very core. Backed only by a piano interpolation of Rascal Flatts' "Bless The Broken Road," the anonymous rapper belts out a moving tale of the tribulations and trials of he has faced thus far. This is where and country and rap truly meet, with RMR leading the charge.  

The hip-hop elements come into focus in the track's themes and imagery, as we bear witness to RMR and the squad decked out in black ski masks and Saint Laurent bulletproof vests singing "Fuck the boys in blue." And while we have never seen or heard anything quite like "Rascal" before, this is no passing joke. There is an undeniable level of talent here, a level of talent poised to raise RMR above the viral meme storm that lies on the horizon.

Watch the earth-shattering video below: