Royal & the Serpent Introduces Herself to 2020 With “MMXX”

A self-described "gluten free vegan gemini maniac," Royal & the Serpent is the pop queen find her way onto your favorite playlist. The Los Angeles - based singer-songwriter's fans are so magnetized by her stage presence that they have affectionately dubbed her "Lady Cobain." As the new decade begins, Royal & the Serpent is declaring 2020 her best year yet with her latest single "MMXX."

"MMXX," which translates to "2020" in Roman numerals, digs deep into Royal & the Serpent's story as she shares her respectable life goals. "MMXX" has got it all: record label name drops, catchy melodies, and an entertaining visualizer. Even if making money and earning fame are not your resolutions this year, you are more than welcome to use "MMXX" as your power anthem for achieving greatness all year long.

On "MMXX," Royal & the Serpent reflected,

"With the new year ahead of us, I wanted to invite my audience into my life a little further. My mom has been my teacher, best friend, and biggest supporter for forever and I know how much my listeners love to see/hear more of that stuff. So, I flew my parents out, rented a super8 camera, and got my best friends to help us create the most ridiculous 'home videos' ever. This song/video represents a special time in my journey. It's an ode to how far I've come, and how I've managed to get here - with mom right by my side."

Watch the visualizer for "MMXX" below: