Ruuth Puts the Fakes on Blast in “All My Friends” [Premiere]


Photo: Jen Sanchez and Rosco Flevo

As we progress further into the 21st century, our collective social networks are abounding like never before. For all intents and purposes, this "community" should feel uplifting, but for many, the word "friend" has lost its meaning, as our lives become overly saturated by constant, often agenda-driven company. German-born indie pop artist Ruuth is here to comment on this isolating phenomenon in the final single of her debut EP, "All My Friends.“ 

Ruuth decided to pursue a full-time music career only a few short years ago, following the release of her debut single "All About," which claimed the top spot Hype Machine, allowing her artistry to reach an unprecedented level of exposure. Since this initial success, Ruuth has been busy in studios all around the world, writing with heavy-hitting creatives and cultivating her craft and sound.   

Crash-landing on Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland's New Music Friday, "All My Friends” revels in dichotomy, allowing for both hard-hitting instrumentation and soft sonic textures. An emotive, electric-guitar driven single, Ruuth takes these tangible feelings of dissatisfaction and translates them into ear-bending sonorities, allowing us to reel with her in a sort of focused rage. In her own words,  

“‘All My Friends’ is the central concept to my upcoming EP about the feeling of getting lost in this big wide world of people, glitz, and glamour. I think it's important to remember where you come from and which friends have supported you throughout everything. It's dangerously easy to get caught up in the whirl of it all.” 

As the track progresses, emotions and production build, climaxing with an exhilarating electric guitar solo, allowing us and Ruuth to reach a sense of catharsis. Ruuth is the quintessential embodiment of prismatic self-expression.  

Listen to "All My Friends" below: