Saba and Krayzie Bone Keep It Real on the Stirring “Come My Way”

We've seen Saba flourish from a featured artist on Chance the Rapper's Acid Rap to one of the rising hip-hop powerhouses of our generation. With his satin-smooth method of sharing his experiences matched meticulously by his comforting compositions, the Chicago native has proven to be a tour de force in the rap game. On a release week where he goes head to head with names like Earl Sweatshirt, FKA Twigs, and Kanye West, Saba holds his own with "Come My Way," featuring Krayzie Bone.

In a time when the whole world is struggling with uncertainty, Saba reminds us that his life wasn't always as luxurious as it is now. He adds, "the song is not written as to feel sad or sorry for ourselves. It is a reality, not one I or anyone else can change, so this song is getting up the next day and getting to work, or getting to it however you provide, but just moving on in that fashion."

On "Come My Way," Saba reminisces on a point in his life where making money was all that mattered. In the first verse, he rhymes, "We ain't no time to relax / Work the only priority in tact / Posted on the porch shootin’ the shit / Had to run them n***** shootin’ shit." The rapper provides further insight, saying, "I'm describing many things that are normal on the westside of Chicago, so that it plays like just any other day. Pretty stagnant but having so much life."

He enlists Krayzie Bone for the second verse, where the Cleveland rapper confirms that Saba's experience isn't exclusive. Krayzie Bone adds, "Me and mine, you n***** gotta respect / Leisure time, for me that don’t exist / I seek to find my peace, so a n**** drift sometime / Never no worry from me ‘cause I’m knowin’ that I’m truly blessed."

Both rappers’ raw storytelling collides with Saba's serene, self-produced beat in the most melodic way. Soft strings and harmonizing vocals are paired with a pulsating percussion that pulls at the heartstrings. And while the tune isn't meant to be uplifting, anyone who might be in a similar situation can find solace in knowing they're not the only ones who have been through or are currently going through it. 

"Come My Way" is set to appear on Saba's forthcoming album, Few Good Things, due out February 4. 

Listen to "Come My Way" below: