Sam MacPherson Pours His Heart Into His Debut EP ‘Songs for Sam’


Whether two people are at different points in their lives or future plans didn't consider the possibility of another, falling in love can occur at the most inconvenient time. Sam MacPherson takes us through the trials and tribulations of falling head over heels for someone who you never imagined becoming an all-important part of your life in his debut EP Songs for Sam.

MacPherson is a singer-songwriter hailing from Red Bank, NJ. Growing up in a musical household, he was constantly exposed to the classics via his father’s and grandparents record collection, from The Beatles to Stevie Wonder. A musician and lyricist at heart, MacPherson's music explores themes of mental health, dissonance, and relationships. Behind every track on his EP, he allows listeners to connect to every word sung and every chord strum on a personal note. 

The singer-songwriters explains that the songs on his debut EP flowed out with ease as he poured his heart into every track, sharing, "I started writing Songs for Sam the second I moved to LA. Sometimes you write music because you want to and sometimes you write music because you have to. These songs were definitely born out of necessity. I was falling in love and moving across the country all at once. In my mind, I needed to not only timestamp that point in my life because it felt special, but I also needed a place to put feelings that were so foreign to me. This EP became that place. I wrote a few of the songs alone in a sketchy (but endearing) garage studio as soon as I got to LA, and the others I wrote with close friends and collaborators almost completely over zoom."

 MacPherson's vocals and effortless harmonies blanket you with warmth, accompanied by the faint and soft chords on the piano and space-like guitar tones. The drums, far from overpowering, act as a distant heartbeat that keeps you pushing along through every minute of the project. Every layer is perfectly placed and mixed with ease. 

An easy and relaxing listen, Songs for Sam allow you to lie on your bed with your eyes shut and lights dimmed low. They allow you to flicker through every thought of the person you love. Reminisce on every fond memory you've accumulated since the moment you laid eyes on them. With his debut EP, MacPherson is on his way to becoming an artist that can reach his hand out and let you know you aren't alone in your journey of finding the balance between life and love.

Listen to Songs for Sam below: