Sam Setton Embarks on a Emotional Reflection That “Hurts So Much” [PREMIERE]


Another year and another Valentine's Day to remind us that we either love love or that we are doomed to cuddle up alone with chocolate and sappy rom-coms. And if you find yourself in the latter situation, do yourself a favor and check out electropop savant Sam Setton's new single, "Hurts So Much," an emotional reflection on the internal push and pull that accompanies a breakup.

If you have not yet taken the time to familiarize yourself with the New York artist, you should. The perfect fusion of equal parts LANY and lauv, intermixed with his warm and sensual vocals, Setton is easily comparable to the first sip of coffee in the morning, the crispness of a new book, the sun on your bare shoulder - satisfying, irresistible and we cannot get enough.

The single packs a punch and shakes us up to our core. Maybe it's the simplicity behind his words and the personal connection he has to the story he paints vividly. It's the type of song you can groove along to but also relate to on a personal level. Setton spoke on the heart-rending single, sharing, 

"I wrote “Hurts So Much” about the feeling that comes immediately following a breakup. You’re in such a haze trying to understand what just happened that you end up romanticizing the relationship and your ex. I wrote the song alone on Sunday night in a moment of weakness just wanting her to take me back and or at least give us another try. It's not a coincidence that I decided to release "Hurts So Much" around Valentines Day. This is a super emotional song for me, inspired by a tough breakup I went through. My hope is that any listener who has gone through a recent breakup or might not have someone to share Valentine’s Day with, can find a way to connect to this one."

Take your first listen to the infectious and heart-wrenching single below: