Scarypoolparty Pens a Deceptively Haunting Ballad in “Cholo Love”


Photo: K Shaffer 

It's almost funny, if not outright astonishing, how regularly and easily Scarypoolparty manages to exceed any expectations laid before him. From selling out shows across North America in minutes to the jaw-dropping finger dexterity he first displayed on "Out Loud," it is difficult to imagine anything the rapidly rising artist cannot do. With his latest single, Scarypoolparty makes good on that notion.  

"Cholo Love," the latest piece of magic from Scarypoolparty, follows his official debut single "Tonight." Finding a home somewhere between that of a lovelorn and lovesick ballad, "Cholo Love" opens on the marriage of Scarypoolparty's evocative key presses and pained vocals. "I don't know if you can relate to me/ My body hurts, oh, every night she's away," the rising artist confesses in a moment of heartbreaking introspection. It is the ingredient to every great love/heartbreak since time immemorial - an intoxicating sense of powerlessness in the face of a love that at times seems too great to handle alone.

Yet, in stark contrast to the heavenly glissandos that permeate Scarypoolparty's constantly evolving ballad, there may be something sinister lurking just beneath the surface. At least, that is the case the accompanying music video for "Cholo Love" makes. 

Directed by Al Kalyk, the visual features everything from a prophetic poem, motionless figures cloaked in masks, and a lone Scarypoolparty delivering a transfixing live rendition of "Cholo Love." The haunting imagery coupled with the innate beauty of Scarypoolparty's piano prowess imbues "Cholo Love" with an air of breathtaking mystery.  

Watch the video for "Cholo Love" below:

Listen to "Cholo Love" and the "Cholo Love - Superscary Mix" below:

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