Scarypoolparty’s “Tonight” Is an Instant Classic


Photo: Bex Griffin

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Alejandro Aranda, who goes by the moniker Scarypoolparty, amazed us and the world with an audition on American Idol that showed a young dishwasher from Pomona, California, bearing his soul. That moment would carry him on to become Season 17's runner-up. While there is always a feeling of trepidation given the lifespan of these contest winners, it is clear as day that with his first official single as Scarypoolparty, Aranda is bound to make a permanent mark on the world of music.

"Tonight" may be Scarypoolparty's first official single, but if you were to tell us he has been doing this since time immemorial, we would not question you. Co-produced by himself and his mentor Twin Shadow, who himself is a force to behold, the track opens in idyllic yet slightly ominous fashion. The sparse twinkling touches of keys evoke a certain Twin Peaks air of mystery and wonder; it is a feeling that is equal parts familiar and novel, giving the experience a sense of timelessness. And carving out this spellbinding space for himself that comes across as wholly timeless is one of Scarypoolparty's unique talents.

With its blend of contemporary pop-R&B and stylings and more experimental leanings, Scarypoolpoolparty has an instant classic on his hands. It carries all the emotional weight of the most heart-wrenching of ballads while maintaining its share of consistently evolving production to never feel like its overstaying its welcome. The entire experience is effortlessly chill in spite of the otherworldly showing of creativity on display here.  It would be no understatement to say that "Tonight" is a work of understated genius, fully worthy of any praise that comes its way.

Watch the Bex Griffin-directed video for "Tonight" below and catch Scarypoolparty on tour this summer and fall: