SEB Pens an Ode to Ephemeral Beauty on “god of the sunsets”


Photo: Shy Louise

SEB is no stranger to the success and pitfalls associated with viral fame. The idiosyncratic artist's single "seaside_demo" picked up steam on TikTok earlier this year, resulting in him racking up over 57 million streams on Spotify alone. And while Seb certainly owes his fair share to the mysterious entity that is TikTok's algorithm, the rising artist is quickly proving himself to be much more than a mere passing fad.

"god of the sunsets" continues the narrative set forth by his debut EP, It's Okay, We're Dreaming, formally introducing the eponymous SEB mentioned in its lyrics. Written as an ode the ephemeral beauty of sunsets, "god of the sunsets" is placed between two voice memos of SEB's mother. The heartfelt context gives the genre-blurring single a newfound emotional weight that speaks to the human desire for love and strive to search out a better future.

"god of the sunsets" is an infectiously bittersweet affair that is buoyed by idyllic electric guitar plucks and Seb's nonchalant delivery. "There's something beautiful, yet so tragic about sunsets; for a short moment at the end of every day, the sky is lit up with brilliance while counting down to darkness at the same time. I try to capture that feeling whenever I write music," shares Seb.

With a sound that defies simple classification, owing as much Joni Mitchell as it does to Tyler, the Creator, "god of the sunsets" and Seb exist in a class all their own. It's music that much like the sunsets at the heart of Seb's latest single is best described by the transient feelings they inspire, finding their way into your heart before leaving for unseen horizons.

Listen to "god of sunsets" below: