Serena Isioma’s “HUH?” Is an Unapologetic Celebration of Identity


Photo: Daniel Delgato

It's been a while since we've last heard from Serena Isioma, but to say that fans have been starving would be a severe understatement. Last year the young Chicago artist released two critically acclaimed EPs, Sensitive and The Leo Sun Sets, but since then it's been mostly radio silence. Luckily for their ravenous fans, the wait seems to be over as Isioma returns with the funky and vintage-flavored "HUH?," the first (of hopefully many) releases this year. With a genre-pushing sound and an attitude that sits somewhere between ubothered and unapologetic, Isioma makes a triumphant return.

If Isioma hasn't crossed your radar yet, consider "HUH?" the perfect introduction (or re-introduction for us diehard stans). Though the last six months have been a tough wait, Isioma's newest release sounds like they never left in the first place, delivering fans another genreless curveball. 

The track sounds like Grandmaster Flash and James Brown were both reborn into Isioma's eclectic performance, which somehow balances an old-soul wisdom with their progressive and careless demeanor. Their writing reflects this attitude too, with lyrics like, "And I will not stop with this gay shit! (nah) / Haters mad cause I'm young, black, and famous!" "HUH?" is a perfectly-timed celebration of identity and spirit from an artist who is never afraid to reinvent themselves. 

Synthesizing elements of hip-hop, R&B, pop, and classic funk into one package, Isioma provides a new track whose boundaries are just as limitless as their potential. With more music likely on the way, this is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. 

Listen to "HUH?" below: