Setlist.Fm Presents: Who Is Lolo Zouaï? [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


Setlist.Fm's weekly "Who Is" series is an immersive way to expose readers to up-and-coming indie acts that should be on your radar; written by music fans for music fans. Each week we feature an artist and/or band that's making waves in the music world. The "Who Is" pieces are a tell-all of the artist, showcasing everything from music and performance style, to influences and tour dates. This week we're putting R&B songstress Lolo Zouaï on your radar.

Zouaï (pronounced "zoo-eye", don’t you EVER get it twisted!) is taking over the mainstream music scene with her multi-cultural influence. The young French-Algerian-American is a trilingual queen who has entered the scene as the next, budding R&B pop princess. She's a poet with a knack for turning everyday stories into powerful, catchy bops. Her climb to the top wasn't without struggle, and it's all detailed in her song "Highs Highs to Low Lows," her most successful single to date.

2017 was a landmark year for Zouaï; she saw “High Highs to Low Lows” go viral, was awarded the Abe Olman Songwriters Hall of Fame Award, landed a songwriting cut on H.E.R’s Vol. 2, found frequent musical collaborator Stelios who is the mastermind behind her recent sounds, and landed on top of Spotify's playlist "Fresh Finds."

In 2018, Zouaï released five songs that were all met with positive reviews from both fans and critics, embarked on a sold out west coast tour with fellow R&B princess Alina Baraz as well as a successful tour of her own across Europe and the US, concluding with a set at Rolling Loud. To be honest, I’d say she’s had a good two years!

With only eight songs in her catalog, Lolo Zouaï has already made an impact and won over thousands of fans, so keep an eye out for her, and and listen to her latest two-track bundle, which an included a collaborated with the esteemed Blood Orange.

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