Sheridan Reed’s Love-Infused EP Strikes Us with Pure R&B ‘Serendipity’ [PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: Sterling Reed

A charming new voice emerging from Austin, Texas, is blessing airwaves by way of Sheridan Reed's blissful soul pop melodies. Growing up in a diverse musical household, Reed credits influences that drastically range from The Jackson 5 to Billie Eilish for his organic soundscapes. Touching on the complex topic of love, Reed's dynamic new EP Serendipity explores the passionate singer-songwriter's experiences with complicated relationships as he crafts his refreshingly pleasing sound in the process.

Without hesitation, Reed introduces his musical multiplicity with evocative keyboards that lead into a synth drop with Reed's soothing vocals in the opening track, "Learning to Swim." An honest ode to the people who have continually tried to hinder our success, "Learning to Swim" sees Reed rising up and taking matters into his own hands to succeed regardless of what anyone else says. In today's dating scene, it's no doubt that people tend to value physical attributes significantly more than anything else, but Reed is convinced that a motivated inner-self is the most attractive quality in a person in "Money Maker." This laid-back R&B tune is drizzled with chilling electronics and subtle brass that tie beautifully with Reed's genuine lyricism.

A touching ballad about lost loves, "Someone to Hold" is Reed's musical manifesto that declares his active search for someone to fully cherish and love. The vigorous acoustic strumming accompanied by a lively atmosphere in "Someone to Hold" gives all the more power to Reed's spiritual message of seeking true love. Another wholesome track, "That's Just Life" sees Reed accepting convoluted circumstances for exactly what they are. As he describes a testing moment when he questioned his intentions, he eventually realizes that everyone's perspective, including his own, is perfectly valid. Serendipity closes with "We Should Both Be Here," a nostalgic tune that has Reed reminiscing about an old flame that never seems to completely burn out amidst the comforting instrumentals.

On Serendipity, Sheridan Reed exclusively shared with us,

"It's been a long process finding my voice and my sound over the last several years. 'Serendipity' began with my first single, 'We Should Both Be Here.' It was the first song I wrote that felt like a  new iteration of me and the direction I wanted. A direction where I have room to grow and explore. Over the last year, I have continued to write and expand on my sound, while also trying to find my way in the world and in a new city. Amidst some stumbles and setbacks, I began to feel things clicking into place. I didn't know where it would lead, but a friend made a great point, telling me, 'When you're on your path, the universe conspires with you.' My writing is about love gained and lost, the complex dynamics of relationships, growing older and taking in stride the harsh realities that come with growth. These songs were shaped and created over several months while I traveled across the U. S. and culminated in my new EP, 'Serendipity.'"

Ones To Watch has your first listen of Serendipity below: