Shordie Shordie on “Bitchuary” and Getting 03 Greedo’s Stamp of Approval | Quick 6

Baltimore’s Shordie Shordie is no stranger to creating hits and setting trends. He first emerged in music as a member of Peso Da Mafia, which produced viral tracks such as “Money Man” with millions of streams and an infectious dance to match. Folks soon caught onto Shordie Shordie’s eccentricity and swagger portrayed in the group’s videos and this ultimately initiated his career as a solo artist. Lo and behold, the Baltimore rapper is currently setting the streets on fire with his latest “Bitchuary (Betchua)” visual and we’re certain that this is only the beginning of a fruitful solo career.

We had the pleasure of inviting Baltimore’s Shordie Shordie to answer a question or six in our latest Quick 6 Interview. From sharing his bar fight dream team to the moment he found out “Bitchuary” was a hit (shoutout to 03 Greedo), this is a thing or six you did not know about the viral artist.