SHY Martin Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve in “Make Us Never Happen”

Photo: Hampus Hjellström

Sara Hjellström, better known as SHY Martin, has long been a coveted songwriter for the likes of acts such as Kygo, Ellie Goulding, and The Chainsmokers. However, it is her rare ability as a solo artist that is bringing her to the spotlight. The 26-year-old is a touted songwriting savant but has cemented her rise to stardom with a plethora of 2019 singles and the 2018 EP Overthinking. This morning she once again brings forward a moving and mesmerizing single with "Make Us Never Happen."

The track is a three-minute electropop number that speaks on the notion of being the cause of a failed relationship and wishing to wipe away the feelings associated with its destruction. SHY Martin masterfully writes, "Kiss me like you need it / And pretend like it's enough," capturing the feeling of helplessness in dealing with a mistake that is irreparable. 

Sonically, "Make Us Never Happen" is layered from start to finish, never leaving the listener with a dull moment. The track immediately opens with angelic vocals from SHY Martin simply humming with heavy reverb. As SHY Martin's voice continues to climb up the octaves, the track enters a brief, calm hiatus, allowing for the songstresses' vocals to take center stage. All of this before a moving breakdown with countless pieces of electronic percussion, robotic vocal layers, and more transitions to blissful calm. "Make Us Never Happen" highlights SHY Martin's ability to capture the peaks and troughs of not just a vocal performance but life.

Listen to "Make Us Never Happen" below: