Simpson Is Ready to Make Her Mark


Prior to this year, enigmatic singer-songwriter Simpson had only three singles out on streaming services. A quick Google search of the name turns up a plethora of Barts and Lisas, but few results. Even her social media presence (aptly titled @whoisSimpson) leaves much to the imagination.

Simpson landed on our radar after the release of her 2017 debut single "Switch Lanes." Threading together hip-hop and pop trademarks over a groovy bassline and shimmering synths, "Switch Lanes" established Simpson as an artist to watch. 

After laying low for a few years, Simpson is claiming her place as a rising star with two new new singles, "I Miss My Dawgs" and "Summer." All proceeds from "I Miss My Dawgs" will be donated to the Justice for Breonna Taylor fund. The track, initially written as a woeful tribute to long-distance quarantine friendships, takes on a more somber meaning in light of Breonna Taylor's untimely death at the hands of the Louisville PD. "She was murdered in March by police shooting into her home while she slept," says Simpson, "this should affect every single one of us. I can't imagine simply learning about these things instead of experiencing them. It could've been any of us."


The second single, "Summer," sees Simpson reach into the sphere of alt-pop. The result is a sun-drenched ode to memories - the old, the new, and the yet to come. The captivating melody is woven into the glittering strum of the guitar, making it hard to resist singing along.

Speaking further on the single, Simpson says, 

"'Summer' is so much more than a song about the summer. 'Summer' is about bottling escaping nostalgia, being present, being flung into the afterthought of the future. It's sarcastic, it's cheeky, it kisses your forehead. 'Summer' sees you, remembers you, and doesn't forget you. 'Summer' is what you were looking forward to that ended up letting you down but you were so fucked on it exceeding expectations you didn't even realize it. 'Summer' is a person, summer is a place, summer is a thing, summer is a feeling, if it is the song of your summer."

"Summer" is the first bite of ice cream on a scorching hot day. It is the roaring wind as you drive down the highway with the windows open. It is the soundtrack to the one-man dance party in your room at four in the morning. "Summer" is more than a fun road trip song; it is an affirmation of Simpson's growth as an artist and the feelings she holds dear.

Listen to "Summer" below: