Singer-Songwriter Gavin Haley Seeks Reciprocated Love in Heartfelt “96″ [PREMIERE]


We all hear stories of true love - stumbling upon the person of your dreams, the one soul you would die for. Detroit born singer-songwriter Gavin Haley has us dreaming of that special someone with his latest single, "96." 

Haley's music career came about in a pretty unconventional way. Setting his sites on a professional cycling career, he competed on the United States national cycling team in his teenage years. During a race in Europe, Haley suffered a collapsed lung which led to an excess of free time in Europe. He soon discovered their underground music scene, and the rest is history. An unfortunate incident, but we are definitely thankful for that collapsed lung, as it has given us the king of romantic guitar ballads.

Serenading his love, he tells the story of a boy standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him. Simple, sweet, and seemingly straight from a movie, comes the perfection that is "96." A near impossible feat, Haley has managed to bottle up the butterfly-inducing feeling of love and deliver it in a 4-minute package of stellar songwriting, velvety vocals, and a marvelous melody. On this wholesome love song, Haley shared:

"'96′ is for truly for everyone. It's a feel good love song and you can really play it everywhere. I had so much fun creating this song with my friends, and I think that amazing, genuine and authentic energy comes out when you first hear it."

In the accompanying video for "96," Haley is pictured singing straight to the camera in close-up shots. Peering into his clear blue eyes, pouring his soul out in front of us, we can't help but feel weak in the knees from this lovely man. An ode to his accident, Haley says "love me 'til my lungs give in," and yes we will. Be one of the first to get lost in Haley's soulful voice in the sincere video for "96" down below: